Each season brings its own beauty and challenge.  Spring offers freshness and new growth.  Summer embraces us with sticky heat and ripe fertility.  Autumn ushers in rich colors, mist, and drizzle.

Winter offers us ever-shortening days and long cold nights.  We withdraw into the warmth and protection of home and hearth.  When we venture out we see stark trees, evergreen, frost and grey sky.  As we exhale, our breath hangs as steam and we slip underfoot.  The wind sounds mournful down the chimney breast, rain falls against the window and snow falls silently, muffling our world.  There’s nothing like the crispness of a sunny hour or two when the sun is low in the sky and sheds a golden glow.

Into the coffee shop and sitting with hands wrapped around a steaming cuppa.  Laying on the couch in front of a flickering fire, warm and mesmerized.  Snuggling down under the bedclothes with a furry hot water bottle.  Steaming casseroles full of warmth and nutrition.  Hot toddies with a nip of something extra.

As the earth withdraws during the winter months, our life continues.  The muse to leave you with here is how you might cherish yourself in readiness for your next cycle of personal growth.  Consider your psyche at this time of year as the winter of your musings.  While we have Christmas and Yuletide holidays and the time is busy, let some of your thoughts be with how you might like your spring to be in the months ahead.  What hopes and plans might you like to nurture in readiness?