“I can’t speak highly enough about this course, it is changing my life as I learn more and more.”  Carole


Reiki is a generic word in Japan, and is used to describe many types of healing and spiritual work. It is not exclusive to the system of healing based on Dr Mikao Usui’s method. The system of healing that evolved from Dr Usui’s method is called the Usui System of Natural Healing or Usui Reiki Ryoho.

It is the God-consciousness called Rei that guides the life force called Ki (or Qi or Chi) in the practice we call Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key). Therefore, Reiki can be defined as spiritually guided life force energy. The ultimate aim of the Usui system of Reiki is not to heal others but to heal oneself. By the healing of Self, you affect others. The ability to perform healing is seen as a by-product of spiritual development and of minor importance and relevance to the real goal of spiritual development itself.

Attunements are the Western way of awakening the Reiki energy. The Japanese approach is different. In Usui’s day a simple, elegant connection ritual called Reiju would have been used and this is what I use to connect you to the Reiki source. Reiju is the same in its form at all levels and is a lovely energy dance, rather like following the flowing form of Tai Chi or QiGong. It does not use mantras and symbols and does not change with different levels. Reiju is given repeatedly during the time we work together and is not a one-off practice.

I do not teach standard hand positions for healing, rather I teach you to develop the ability to use your intuition to guide to the right hand placements. This style validates your own subtle awareness and encourages its development. It also allows you to develop a working relationship with the Reiki energy and thus be guided by its potential.

IMPORTANT: Reiki was originally intended to be facilitated on a 1:1 basis with students, and this is the way I teach Reiki.


Reiki I Certificate is delivered via a 1-day workshop in Brighton, Sussex with four hours of follow-up mentoring which can be face-to-face in Brighton or online. You can start your Reiki I at any time and your workshop/mentoring can be during the week or on a Saturday.


This level opens you to the physical healing of self.   We cover:

  • History of Reiki
  • Principles of Reiki
  • Energetic anatomy
  • Introduction to meditation
  • Grounding, protecting and cleansing
  • Creating sacred space
  • Reiju
  • Self-healing

I am based in Brighton, Sussex.  Buses go to either end of our road and there are two train stations nearby.  On-road parking is pay and display.

There are places to lunch in nearby as well as two parks with cafes.  While we work in the healing room, you are welcome to enjoy our woodland garden during your lunch break.


“I have been studying Reiki with Laurel and have found the benefits enormous. I have my Certificate in Reiki 1 and I am now studying towards Reiki 2. Laurel has been a constant support for me during this time and I know that she will remain so. I would recommend the Reiki courses to everyone.  I can’t speak highly enough about this course, it is changing my life as I learn more and more.” Carole


Reiki I Certificate is £230 and includes:

  • 1-day workshop at times to suit
  • Four hours of follow-up mentoring
  • Regular Reiju
  • Friendly, experienced teacher who is a working therapist and a Reiki Master/Teacher
  • A comprehensive set of learning notes
  • Access to Wellness Professionals at Work Learning Hub on Facebook
  • Certification at the end of your mentoring programme
  • Occasional Wellness Professionals at Work members newsletter

Payment is required in advance of your retreat in order to guarantee your day.  You can pay by bank transfer or online.



Email me on info@laurelalexander.co.uk or call me on 01273 564030 to arrange a convenient day for your initial workshop.   We can arrange your follow-up mentoring as we go.