While giving a quality treatment is a wonderful experience for clients, wellness coaching could enhance their experience with you 10-fold and provide a lucrative bolt-on service to your business.

Wellness coaching encourages the client to be an active participant in their health and wellbeing alongside the treatments they have with you.

These modules are suitable for qualified complementary therapists and will provide the underpinning theory and basic skills for wellness coaching.  All modules need to be taken in order to gain the Wellness Coaching Skills for Complementary Therapists (CPD Certificate).  You will need to provide evidence of your qualification.


The modules are delivered by blended learning which is a mixture of supported distance learning and supervised skills development delivered remotely. Key points:

  • The three modules need to be taken in order.
  • You can start each module when you’re ready.
  • Each module has reading material plus a two-hour remote skills development session.  You can have your remote supervised skills development at times to suit.  Please note that you will need to identify a volunteer client to work with.  You and your client can be in the same location or different locations and we will be linked online in real-time.

Module 1:  Coaching Skills

Differences between coaching, counselling and mentoring – AC Coaching Competency Framework – AC Code of Ethics and Good Practice – How people learn – GROW Model – Other coaching models – Facilitating coaching sessions – Showing attention and interest – Using exploration skills – Showing understanding skills – Using action skills – Change management – Coaching management:  supervision, record keeping, confidentiality, insurance, data protection

Module 2:  Cognitive Behavioural Coaching

Defining cognitive behavioural coaching (CBC) – The 8-step process to using CBC in wellness coaching: Problem identification – The CBC choice – Goal selection – Exploring and challenging faulty thinking – Choices and consequences – Decision-making and action planning – Implementation – Evaluation

Module 3:  Motivational Coaching

Reflective listening – open questions –  summarising –  recognising and reinforcing change talk –  eliciting and strengthening change talk –  managing resistance –  consolidating client commitment


Each module is £130 and includes two hours of remote supervised skills development, learning material, and CPD certification.


If you would like to enroll on the Wellness Coaching Skills for Complementary Therapists (CPD Certificate), telephone me on 01273 564030. Alternatively, you could email me at info@laurelalexander.co.uk.