Hey Laurel.  Just wanted to let you know that I was successful in the securing my substantive post. Thanks so much for your help and support.  What a relief!! Danny

Congratulations – you’ve been invited for interview! Now you want the positive outcome of a job offer.

Interview skills’ coaching involves rehearsal. I coach you in positive body language to build your relaxation and confidence. I ask you competency-based questions and we work on improving your techniques when answering so that you show enthusiasm and professionalism during interview.  As a result, when you go for interview, the combination of good communication and self-esteem will increase your chances of that ideal job offer.

As well as grooming you for that successful job offer, I also do interview coaching for college and university placements and apprenticeships.

I am a pharmacist and whenever I have had interviews for more senior positions in the NHS I have always ‘come second’ and been told that someone scored one point higher than me at interview. Recently I was invited to two interviews in one week and decided to contact Laurel for some interview coaching. Laurel said to me “Let’s see if we can get you one point higher this time”. And she succeeded! I was offered both jobs following just two coaching sessions with Laurel. I was able to practice answering competency based questions that I could get asked and learned new skills – like listening to the question, thinking why I was being asked this, slowing down my response and most importantly – summing up with why these skills would be relevant to the role I was applying for. I highly recommend a session or two with Laurel for interview coaching – they proved invaluable to me and have hopefully changed the course of my life!  


We can meet for one or two hours, on or off-line (my base is in Brighton, Sussex).  Increasingly interviews are being held through Skype and telephone and I offer this type of interview skills coaching as well.

Dear Laurel.  I wanted to let you know that I got the job.  I was very shocked when I was told, because I had convinced myself it wasn’t to be.  So thank you for your tips and advice – they certainly helped.  I won’t say my interview was textbook, but I obviously did something right.  Many thanks again.  Best wishes.   Denise


Hi Laurel. Just to let you know the interview went really well and I have been offered the job today. Thank you so much for your time and help. The session worked so well. Thank you again. Asma


Thanks for your time yesterday. Actually I have good news. 10 minutes after the interview they phoned and offered me the job 🙂 Thanks again. Frazer (change of career interview from healthcare management to car sales executive)


Laurel. Thank you so much for all your helpful confidence boosting comments on my interview and presentation preparation. They were just what I needed after several failed interviews. I was offered the job on the same day as the interview and have just finished my first week – tired but happy. Thank you once again. RT. systems analyst


I just wanted to let you know how beneficial I found your interview skills workshop. I went into the counsellor interview (which I had a couple of weeks later) with much more confidence and a clearer vision of what I had to offer and the experience I had. It was good to get feedback from you and to think about how I present myself. I felt the interview had gone well – and they offered me the job!Kathryn, art psychotherapist.


Hi Laurel, Just wanted to let you know I was offered the job. Didn’t think the interview had gone too well and they said I would not hear until the end of the week however they called today! So thanks for your help. Nicola, support worker


I think the interview went well yesterday 🙂 I had a couple of tricky questions but I remembered to take my time before answering. I felt like I talked more than I have done previously in interviews and the IT test was fine. They actually rang me up about two hours after because they forgot to ask me a question! Which I will take as a good sign, as they wouldn’t have bothered unless they were interested. They will let me know early next week. Thanks again for the practice, it definitely felt like an improvement and was worthwhile doing. Suzanna, administrator.


The fee for interview skills coaching is £45 for one hour or £85 for two hours.  Please note that 24 hours notice of cancellation is required, otherwise the full fee is payable.


To book your interview skills coaching, you can telephone me on 01273 564030 or email me at info@laurelalexander.co.uk