Psychological resilience could be defined as an individual’s ability to successfully adapt to life tasks in the face of adverse conditions and difficult emotions. Resilient people don’t dwell on challenges – they acknowledge the situation, learn and move on.

Laurel Alexander, author of the Resilience Coaching Toolkit (published by Pavilion Publishing and Media) uses this flexible training pack (designed to be used in one-to-one sessions as well as for group work) as part of your bespoke supported distance learning course.

You will learn the Resilience Coaching Model, a non-directive approach whereby the facilitator encourages the learner(s) in the proactive self-management of resilience. Using this methodology will enable you to facilitate others in:

  • making a conscious decision to shape a resilient lifestyle
  • understanding that resilience is the integration of mind, body and spirit
  • learning the difference between what they can change and what they cannot, and focus their energies wisely
  • developing a resilient lifestyle which will allow them to revitalize and re-energise themselves so that they can continue to thrive in the face of the demands of life
  • learning how to control their thoughts and emotions
  • creating a sense of connections and meaning in life.

The Train the Resilience Coach CPD Certificate is for health and wellbeing practitioners in employment or self-employment including: mental health support workers, complementary therapists, trainers, nurses, counsellors or coaches among others to help those struggling with stress, anxiety and mild depression.

What the CPD Certificate can do for you

This course is an investment in best practice and presents you with theory, skills and resources to deliver resilience coaching. The course carries CPD points from the CPD Certification Service and can be used as a stepping stone to further training.


The CPD Certificate is delivered via supported distance learning.  Features of distance learning include:

  •  Flexibility: Start your course anytime and learn from anywhere.
  •  Accreditation and credibility:

    – CPD recognition from the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP). There is the opportunity to apply for full membership of the NCP  depending on criteria fulfilment.

  •  Community: Access to a private Facebook student group.
  •  Materials and resources provided: Resilience Coaching Toolkit (plus CD with PowerPoint and handouts) provided.
  •  Tutor support: Quick turnaround for queries and marking (one week) with support by email, phone, post and online.  You are constantly encouraged with quality feedback and challenge.

You will receive a copy of the Resilience Coaching Toolkit (plus CD) authored by Laurel Alexander upon which this CPD Certificate is based.

Laurel is also the author of the well-received How to Incorporate Wellness Coaching into your Therapeutic Practice (Jessica Kingsley).


Wellness Professionals at Work is an accredited CPD Centre for the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP).   The NCP is one of the longest established and prestigious societies of its type in the UK and enjoys an international reputation.   Following successful completion of the CPD Certificate, you are eligible for full NCP membership as long as you fulfil membership criteria.

The Train the Resilience Coach CPD Certificate also carries CPD points from the CPD Certification Service.


Defining Resilience – Integrating Life Areas for Resilience – The Resilience Coaching Model

Resilience Toolkit Activities:  Developing Mindful Awareness – Taking Ownership – Understanding Personal Values – Managing Strong Emotions – Effective Questioning – Active Listening – Building Perseverance – Developing a Non-Judgemental Mindset – Developing Problem-solving Skills – Improving Confidence and Self-Esteem – Assertive Communication – Fostering Self-Care – Improving Self-Compassion – Changing Perspective – Improving Adaptability – Viewing Change as Opportunity – Increasing Pro-Activity – Personal Networking – Increasing Optimism – Increasing Empathy – Laughter and Humour – Extending Purpose and Meaning


Assessment is through tutor-marked reflective journaling activities and three case studies.


Your fee of £499 includes:

  • CPD recognition from the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP)
  • opportunity to apply for full membership (NCP) upon criteria fulfilment
  • access to a private Facebook student group
  • learning materials
  • copy of the Resilience Coaching Toolkit (and CD)
  • expert facilitation with Laurel Alexander, author, coach and trainer

You can pay by bank transfer or online.



If you would like to enrol on the Train the Resilience Coach CPD Certificate, send an email informing of your payment to and you will be emailed across an enrolment form to complete and return. Pay online here or contact Laurel to make a bank transfer arrangement.