For most people trying to lose weight, conventional diets clearly do not work in the long-term and many end up feeling a sense of failure and shame. Often such diets are based on deprivation, unrealistic goals, humiliation and competition.

The Mindful Approach to Weight Management is radically different: it is holistic and based on compassion, awareness, non-judgement and support. Weight issues are often a symptom of deeper issues relating to self-esteem and life-purpose, and uncovering them rather than focussing on the weight can lead to improved weight management and greater wellbeing.

This CPD Certificate is facilitated over two weekends in Brighton, Sussex by Jan Eaton, coach, coach trainer and adult education tutor and will enable you to:

  • work with clients who have weight management issues and those who have a poor relationship with food
  • assist clients to uncover the roots of their eating behaviour and empower them to meet their own needs without resorting to food
  • coach clients using mindfulness techniques to switch the focus from calorie-counting and obsession with the weighing scales, to improved self-esteem and body-image, a more positive outlook, and increased fulfilment and life purpose
  • encourage clients to regain normal/intuitive eating behaviour rather than being driven by external rules (diets) and unhelpful internalised beliefs.

The Mindful Approach to Weight Management CPD Certificate is suitable for therapists, coaches, complementary health practitioners and personal trainers. The course carries 1 CPD point for each hour of study and can be used as a stepping stone to further training.

What the workshop can do for you

This workshop is an investment in best practice and presents you with theory, skills and resources to deliver a mindful approach to weight management.


The CPD Certificate is delivered over two full weekends in Brighton, Sussex. The first weekend is in October 2017 and the second November 2017.

The course will be experiential and you will be encouraged to examine your own relationship with food and your body. During the morning sessions there will be taught strategies and techniques, group discussion, pair work, and writing exercises, as well as guided visualisation and mindfulness exercises, which you will be able to use with your clients. Each afternoon will consist of skills development, taking turns to coach each other in areas covered during the morning session and giving and receiving feedback.

The coaching style taught is gentle, compassion-based and non-directive; the aim is to facilitate and empower clients to become more intuitive and listen to their inner wisdom.

Handouts will be available, many of which you will be able to use or adapt for use with your clients.

Recommended reading:  Mindful eating awareness – weight loss with wisdom by P Braendgaard and U Damborg (Northern Light Press 2014).

National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP)

Wellness Professionals at Work is an accredited CPD Centre for the National Council of Psychotherapists and the Mindful Approach to Weight Management CPD Certificate will provide you with 20 CPD points.   The NCP is one of the longest established and prestigious societies of its type in the UK and enjoys an international reputation.   Following successful completion of the course, you are eligible for full NCP membership as long as you fulfil membership criteria.


October Weekend  (both days are 10am – 4pm)

Saturday 7 October 2017:  Introduction to Mindful Weight Management

  • The difference between the mindful approach and conventional diet approaches.
  • Beginning coaching sessions – information gathering and goal-setting.

Sunday 8 October 2017:  Looking at Personal Triggers to Overeating

  • Hunger and satiety
  • Emotional eating
  • Environmental factors in overeating/disordered eating
  • Interpersonal issues – the importance of assertiveness

November Weekend (both days are 10am – 4pm)

Saturday 11 November 2017:  The Positive Psychology Perspective

  • Self-esteem work
  • The use of cognitive behavioural coaching
  • Body image
  • Values and purpose

Sunday 12 November 2017:  The Practical Level

  • The role and importance of behaviour change
  • Basic nutritional principles for weight management
  • Mindful meal planning, shopping and cooking

OPTIONAL EXTRA:  Participants who book onto The Mindful Approach to Weight Management CPD Certificate are offered one hour of business coaching with Laurel Alexander for the reduced fee of £40.  This can be taken by Skype, telephone or face-to-face upon course completion at times to suit.


Jan is a life coach specialising in weight management and stress management. She has also been a coach trainer with Wellness Professionals at Work.  Jan runs courses and workshops at adult education centres, including mindfulness, mindful eating, confidence/resilience-building and healthy eating. She runs similar courses aimed at people experiencing mental health issues, at a number of establishments. In addition Jan delivers CPD training for businesses and education centres.  Please visit Jan’s website for further details.


Your fee of £399 includes:

  • CPD recognition from the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP)
  • opportunity to apply for full membership (NCP) upon criteria fulfilment
  • access to a private Facebook student group
  • learning materials

You can pay by bank transfer or online.



If you would like to enrol on the Mindful Approach to Weight Management CPD Certificate, send an email informing of your payment to and you will be emailed across an enrolment form to complete and return. Pay online here or contact Laurel to make a bank transfer arrangement.