Laurel, you are an outstanding tutor.  Your course is thorough, well thought out and reasonably priced.”  Gary Price, international tutor

This course has been created by Laurel Alexander, founder of Wellness Professionals at Work based on using the Bach Flower remedies over many years, combined with therapeutic experience and takes you through each of the remedies and the creative ways in which you can use them.  The course is for anyone with an interest in energy healing through the use of nature.


The course is for anyone with an interest in energy healing through the use of nature.

How you could use your learning

You could use this learning to improve an existing business.

You could use what you learn on this course to: integrate into counselling, weave into a complementary therapy practice or specialise in wellness programmes e.g. pregnancy or positive aging.


The Certificate in Bach Flower Remedies is taken over one year through supported distance learning.  You can complete the course quicker if you choose.  Features of distance learning include:

  • Flexibility: Start your course anytime and learn from anywhere.
  • Accreditation and credibility:

    – CPD recognition from the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP).  You can apply for student membership of the NCP at the start of your study.

    – There is the opportunity to apply for full membership of the NCP upon qualification depending on criteria fulfilment.

  • Community: Access to Wellness Professionals at Work Learning Hub on Facebook.  Study-buddies are encouraged.
  • Materials and resources provided: Course textbook and learning materials.
  • Tutor support: Quick turnaround for queries and marking (one week) with support by email, phone, post and online.  You are constantly encouraged with quality feedback and challenge.
National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP)

The NCP is one of the longest established and prestigious societies of its type in the UK and enjoys an international reputation.    Wellness Professionals at Work is an accredited provider of CPD with the NCP.  Each hour of this course counts towards CPD points.  You are eligible to join the NCP as a student member when you begin the course.  At course completion, you can apply for full membership as long as you fulfil membership criteria.


what flower essences are – how remedies are made – how remedies work – background to Dr Edward Bach –three categories of healer plants – the seven groups – 38 Bach Flower Remedies – making flower remedies – creating individual remedies

animals – bodywork – sprays – aromatherapy burners and massage – crystals – making personalised remedies for children and adults – creams, oils and herbal tinctures – using during energy work – using in visualisation, meditation and journey work


using flower remedies with animals – using flower remedies as part of bodywork – using flower remedies in the home – using flower remedies during pregnancy and birthing – flower remedies for therapists and healers


For Section 1 there is a task sheet for each of the 38 remedies, each with a tutor-marked assignment to complete.  For Section 2 there is one assignment to complete.


I am studying the Certificate in Bach Flower Remedies with Laurel to enhance my practice as a Bowen therapist. This course has really opened my mind to human behaviour and emotions and has been an amazing journey. Not only has it helped me to identify potential clients that would really benefit from these wonderful flower essences but in the process of studying them and treating myself along the way, I feel a transformation in myself taking place. Also, my business seems to have curiously grown as well over recent months, which I believe is partially due to the flower essences freeing-up old emotions and negative beliefs within myself . The assignments are delivered in small bite size chunks, enough to challenge but not overwhelm you. The instructions and information provided is clear and easy to follow, allowing you to really get to know each remedy in turn. The feedback is delivered quickly with excellent targeted suggestions and thoughts that get straight to the point and are easy to understand. Other reading material is recommended if required, to help you with your own development. Laurel’s communications are extremely professional as well as personal and friendly. I highly recommend her and wouldn’t hesitate to continue further studies with Laurel. Thank you!  Lisa Hopper, Bowen therapist

I have gained an understanding of the way in which flower essences work and which are indicated for which symptoms. Ruth

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It has been therapeutic for me and has helped me understand my own issues.   B

Laurel, you are an outstanding tutor and I am glad I came to you after being on a waiting list at the Bach Centre Mt. Vernon. Your course is thorough, well thought out and reasonably priced. Gary Price, international tutor

I have gained an entirely new perspective on healing from this excellent course. I enjoyed the case study part of the course in particular as it helped put me in touch with the reality of applying flower therapy in communication with clients. The course provides plenty of “stretch” to really get the interest in the subject going while not being so intense as to be off-putting. Teri


Your fee of £399 includes:

  • student membership of accrediting bodies
  • CPD recognition from the National Council of Psychotherapists
  • opportunity to apply for full membership (NCP) upon criteria fulfilment
  • access to Wellness Professionals at Work Learning Hub on Facebook
  • study-buddies
  • course textbook and learning materials
  • tutor support by email, phone, post and online
  • occasional Wellness Professionals at Work members newsletter

UK postal charges are included in the above costs. International postage will incur additional costs. Please email Laurel on for additional cost.

You can pay by bank transfer or online.



If you would like to enrol on the Certificate in Bach Flower Remedies,  send an email informing of your payment to and complete and return this enrolment form.