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December 17th, 2018|Energy Medicine|

BENEFITS OF SMUDGING Smudging is the name given to the ceremonial act of cleansing and [...]

Stress and Human Spirituality

November 25th, 2017|Energy Medicine|

This article is an excerpt from Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water: Reflections on Stress [...]

Your Hands of Healing

November 25th, 2017|Energy Medicine|

Healing, using the palms of the hands, is almost instinctual, and is becoming a growing [...]

Creating Sacred Space

August 5th, 2017|Energy Medicine|

CREATING SACRED SPACE When someone said the term “sacred space” to me, it used to [...]

Bach Flower Remedies

July 9th, 2017|Energy Medicine|

Bach Flower Remedies are a form of energy medicine and act by working with subtle [...]

Energy Medicine

July 9th, 2017|Energy Medicine|

Energetic medicine as defined within the mind/body/spirit model, involves approaches that affect energy fields. These [...]