Wellness Professionals at Work Diploma in Bach Flower Remedies

Diploma In Bach Flower Remedies by author and tutor Laurel Alexander


This course has been originated by Laurel Alexander, founder of Wellness Professionals at Work, based on using the Bach Flower Remedies over many years and of therapeutic experience.

Bach Flower Remedies are incredibly popular and widely recognised as an energy healing tool which can be safely used by almost anyone.

Incorporating them into your wellness practice can enhance value with your service and bring an additional dimension into your work. For example, you could:

  • use them in a room spray in-between or during sessions
  • blend them with aromatherapy oils for burning or massage
  • use them with crystals
  • make up personalized remedies for adults, children or animals
  • use them in bodywork e.g. massage or reflexology
  • blend them into creams, oils and herbal tinctures
  • use them on your hands during energy work
  • enhance visualisation, meditation, imagery or journey work
  • blend them into nourishing food and drink

This practical and multi-dimensional course will take you on a journey of discovery with the remedies which you can use for both personal and professional development.

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The Diploma is offered through blended learning which is a mixture of supported distance learning and supervised skills development practice. We offer you:

  • freedom to start your course anytime
  • the opportunity to complete fast-track (or take up to 2 years)
  • self-directed learning opportunities where you learn at your own pace (with full tutor support)
  • opportunities to develop self-confidence with quality feedback and challenge
  • live training in small groups
  • 1:1 training
  • a 30-minute marketing consultation
  • personal tutoring
  • course textbooks
  • learning materials
  • a business start-up course
  • quick turnaround for queries and marking
  • student membership of accrediting bodies
  • access to a private Facebook group
  • online group supervision/tutorials
  • study-buddies

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This course is suitable for anyone wanting theoretical and practical training in how to use Bach Flower Remedies as part of their wellness practice.

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Bach Flower Remedy Distance Leaning Course with Laurel AlexanderCOURSE ACCREDITATION AND RECOGNITION

Wellness Professionals at Work is a recognized and authorized course provider of the Complementary Medical Association (CMA).

Enrolment on the Diploma in Bach Flower Remedies will enable you to directly join the CMA as a student member. Upon successful completion of the course, you can upgrade your membership and obtain insurance with the CMA to practice.

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Supported distance learning

The supported distance learning is designed to give you the underpinning knowledge you need in order to use the Bach Flower Remedies. Two textbooks are provided. Based on this reading and your own self-directed study, you complete assignments from the workbook. Completed work is passed onto your tutor for marking and comment and returned to you.

Workbook sections:

Bach Flower Remedies: What flower essences are - How remedies are made - How flower remedies work - Background to Dr Edward Bach - The 3 categories of Healer Plants - The 7 Groups - About the 38 Bach Flower Remedies - Making Flower Remedies

Using Bach Flower Remedies: Animals - Bodywork - Sprays - Aromatherapy burners and massage - Crystals - Making personalised remedies for children and adults - Creams, oils and herbal tinctures - Using during energy work - Using in visualisation, meditation, imagery or journey work

Understanding Counselling Skills: Defining counselling skills - Showing Attention and Interest - Exploration Skills - Understanding Skills - Action Skills - Improving Clients Self-Talk - Ending the Helping Process

Supervised skill development

Following completion of your distance learning study, you will have 30 hours of supervised skills development in Brighton, Sussex which you can have whenever you choose, weekdays or weekends. You will be under supervision while working with volunteer clients using the Bach Flower Remedies. You will be:

  • developing client rapport
  • facilitating initial assessments
  • developing the use of positive body language
  • improving effective listening skills
  • developing powerful questioning techniques
  • creating personalised remedies for each client
  • engaging in face-to-face and telephone consultations

Case studies

Following your supervised skills development, you will be putting your theoretical knowledge and skills experience into practical use in your working environment completing three case studies, each seen four times.

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You will be assessed:

  • during your face to face skills development
  • during telephone coaching sessions
  • through regular supervision
  • via assignments

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  • I was very pleased with the course and level of service I received from Laurel. She was very approachable and supportive. I enjoyed the practicum at her clinic, it was very useful and I was able to put theory in actual practice. I liked that I could pace myself and having finished, it encourages me to do more courses with her. Martha


Diploma In Bach Flower Remedies

Price : £997
Payment Options :
1) One x £897 payment with 10% discount, or
2) Three x £297 and Two x £350, or
3) One x £297 plus seven installments of £100.
Full payment
Enrolment Form  

The fee of £997 includes:

  • A Diploma in Bach Flower Remedies Skills recognized by the Complementary Medical Association (CMA)
  • Workbook
  • The full range of Bach Flower Remedies to use with volunteer clients as part of your supervised skills development
  • A short course of personalised Bach Flower Remedies for yourself
  • Over 250 hours of supported distance learning and tutorials (email, telephone and Skype)
  • 122 hours of supervised skills development
  • Study-buddy support
  • 30 minute marketing consultation
  • Access to online student forum
  • Two hours of business coaching
  • Two textbooks:
    • The Encyclopaedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer
    • Basic Counselling Skills by Richard Nelson-Jones

UK postal charges are included in the above costs. International postage will incur additional costs. Click here for details.

Payment options:

  1. Pay in full £997
  2. Pay three instalments: £297 upon enrolment plus two further instalments of £350
  3. Pay an initial £297 upon enrolment plus seven instalments of £100.

You can pay by standing order, bank transfer or online.

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  • Reduced CPD course fees
  • Reduced business coaching fees
  • Reduced supervision fees

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If you would like to enrol on the Diploma in Bach Flower Remedies, choose one of the following:

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We are delighted to offer all Diploma students a free 30 minute marketing consultation with our marketing partner Kameleon Marketing. Kameleon Marketing offer affordable, flexible marketing services and consultancy for small businesses, sole traders and start-ups. For more information about Kameleon Marketing visit www.kameleon-marketing.com.

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